[xubuntu-users] Unable to cleanly shutdown, auth_admin <-- (action, result) ?

dave selby dave6502 at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 18 11:53:49 UTC 2009

After much playing & googleing, got it solved, edited
/etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf and added a modification,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- -*- XML -*- -->

<!DOCTYPE pkconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD PolicyKit Configuration

<!-- See the manual page PolicyKit.conf(5) for file format -->

<config version="0.1">
    <match user="root">
        <return result="yes"/>
    <define_admin_auth group="admin"/>

        <match user="dave">
            <return result="yes"/>


Authorizes me, dave, to exit properly :)

Hope this helps someone else

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