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Chad Colman chadcolman1 at att.net
Wed Jun 10 21:52:24 BST 2009


Here is a link that explains Media Keys in Xfce...


In truth, all you are really doing is opening Settings > Keyboard  
Settings and then creating key shortcuts to application actions (in  
this case volume up, volume down; or play, stop, shutdown, etc.)  All  
you would do once in the shortcuts is create a new shortcut, hit the  
key you want to link it to, and then type the command you want it to  
execute when you press it.  If the key you are using does not appear  
as it should to Xubuntu, then you must modify it within .Xmodmap to  
make it work as you would expect.

I had to set this up on my wife's netbook for all of her media keys- a  
word of advice, when the application command is described as Master  
for volume, your sound card may use a different name for what controls  
volume.  For my Intel Realtek, volume up and down used PCM, but toggle  
utilized an entirely different control!

For volume, use amixer in the terminal to determine what device does  
what, then match the command to a shortcut!  You can follow a similar  
troubleshooting process for any other action that you would like your  
keys to do...

I hope this helps!

On Jun 10, 2009, at 7:06 AM, Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a http://www.prolink2u.com/self/products/accessories/pkl5195g.php 
>  keybord.
> How could i activate/assign the shortcuts on the right and left side  
> to specific actions,
> such as the sound volume.
> Launching a player, a browser,.. is already done and OK for me.
> I already installed lineakd and xbindkeys + xbindkeys-config.
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