[xubuntu-users] Problems with XFCE deskbar disappearring XUBUNTU 8.10

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THank you all (Charlie, Harold, David and Lars)  for your responses; the problems I had where fixed quickly thru you help.






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Unfortunately, this is a known (intermittent) bug in XFCE, and this might happen to you again sometime.

I have a get-around where I add the 'xfce4-panel' command in the autostarted apps (Applications->Settings->Settings Manager->Autostarted Apps).  This has prevented the problem from re-occuring on any of my PCs.

(Maybe I should change the command to 'xfce4-panel --restart' ?)


On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 06:40 -0700, Charlie Kravetz wrote: 

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 08:31:46 -0500
"Dagenais Georges" <Georges.Dagenais at loto-quebec.com> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I installed Xubuntu 8.10 this weekend (2 times) and after a few tests
> and my kids fiddling around with it, I noticed that my user env
> (admin) has lost its XFCE deskbars (top and bottom).
> Also, I made a mistake and checked the automatic login using my user
> upon initial config. Now I would rather have every one login at
> startup.
> My problems are : I cannot find the way to re-instate my deskbars and
> undo the automatic login so that the user passw screen appears on boot
> up. 
> I have admin rights to the box but I don't have knowledge of the root
> password; i.e.  I can't delete my user and try the fix the problem
> manually.
> Can anybody help? I already installed the software twice (about 6hrs
> with updates each time) and would rather not go thru that again
> anytime soon. 
> Thanks
> Georges Dagenais
To change to manual login:
Applications -> Settings -> Login Window
Security Tab, uncheck Enable Automatic Login and uncheck Enable Timed
For the top and bottom panels:
   1.     While Xfce is running, open a terminal.
   2.     If you are using Xfce 4.4, type 'xfce4-panel -x' to cause the
panel to exit.
   3.     Start the panel again using 'xfce4-panel --restart'
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