[xubuntu-users] Proper way to install Seamonkey

leegold leegold at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 19 19:51:55 UTC 2009


I got SeaMonkey navigator Browser from Synaptic repository I use. It was
an older version and Seamonkey will open with a page citing the security
fixes, recommend to download new version from their site. I did that and
installed it. But I didn't run the install script that came with it
using sudo. So when the script tried to install it in usr/bin/local (or
something like that) it could not. So instead I installed it in my home
folder. So the whole install with all the lib folders is in my home in
my ...~/SeaMonkey folder.

Is there anything wrong with doing this? Is there a respository for
Synaptic where I can get 1.1.14 - the newest version? I'd prefer to use
Synaptic but they have a ver that's too old. To uninstall do I just
delete the SeaMonkey folder in my home? Should reinstall running the
install script with sudo?


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