[xubuntu-users] Open Office totally broken in xubuntu 9.10 - can't resize windows

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed Dec 9 13:37:20 UTC 2009

I'm amazed that I haven't seen this reported elsewhere, maybe it's
some quirk of my system but it seems unlikely.

I have recently upgraded from xubuntu 9.04 to xubuntu 9.10, mostly it
has been fairly painless but just recently I tried to open some forms
in OPen Office and noticed a rendering problem.  So I tried opening
some wordprocessor documents and the problem was the same.

Any attempt at resizing the window in Open Office results in a total
mess, the contents (i.e. the document or whatever) are not moved and
resized with the frame so the menus and content are left 'stranded'
and the rest of the window is filled with a 'trail' of frames.

This makes Open Office completely unusable.

It's some sort of rendering problem whereby the Open Office window
contents are not redrawn when you resize the window.

This is a fairly standard xubuntu 9.10 installation with Open Office
3.1.1 running on a 1920x1200 Dell U2410 screen.  

Chris Green

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