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Mon Dec 7 14:44:26 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 8:14 AM, Preben Randhol
<randhol+xubuntu at pvv.org<randhol%2Bxubuntu at pvv.org>
> wrote:

> The main problem with slim seems to be that it is not much maintained
> and the previous version (jaunty) has some nasty security problems. I
> would like to see an xfce/xubuntu login manager that is lightweight and
> customizable (so that it can look nice), but not something that takes
> all the resources of a desktop... I mean we are only logging in with
> it, and not spending ages looking at that screen.

LXDM [1] is a new gtk-based login manager from the LXDE folks, but I haven't
been able to take a look at it.  If it is secure, works well and doesn't
introduce feature regressions, it may make a good candidate to replace GDM
for Xubuntu.

That isn't a promise, though.  We may find that feature improvements in
later releases of GDM make it the best option for Xubuntu.


[1] http://blog.lxde.org/?p=531
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