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David Collins david.8.collins at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 22:38:50 UTC 2008

Thanks for your patience, Vincent, and the clarification.

> May I ask what kind of things you add? This might be useful for the
> Xubuntu
> Developers (for example, Xubuntu doesn't include a CD Burning
> application
> just yet).

I have documented the packages that I add to Xubuntu, in the Ubuntu
forums (and I have attached the code for a few settings hacks, also) ..

Obviously, there is a lot of personal preference in the list, but some
readers have found it useful, and have probably cherry-picked some of my

> You might suggest some specifically at the xubuntu-devel
> mailinglist :)

I can send you off-line a short list of general, low-effort, high-win
changes to the Xubuntu interface, if you like.  I am reluctant to
address the developers list directly, because I am not a developer, and
have no credibility in their circle.  I feel that this mailing list is
the users' forum, and this is where suggestions on usability should be
presented.  If we can convince people like yourself and Cody to run with
some of our ideas, then I think that things will happen! :)

Please let me know if you would like me to send you some (simple) ideas,

David Collins

PS.  Despite my whinging, I am a big fan of XFCE and Xubuntu.  It is
simple and fast, and we don't use anything but Xubuntu on our desktop
computers and laptops at my house! :)

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