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On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 10:16 PM, David Collins
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>  Vincent,
> I don't want to re-kindle a fire - flame wars don't achieve anything - I am
> mainly after clarification.

We already moved it off-list ;-)

> Looking in Synaptic, I see that the goodies are in the repositories in the
> 'Universe' area.  Doesn't this mean that they are part of Ubuntu or
> Xubuntu?  And aren't most of the goodies packages installed as part of the
> default xubuntu installation?  Therefore, I don't understand how they are
> not part of the 'main project'.  I don't doubt what you say, but can you
> please explain the difference.

Most of Xubuntu (except for the stuff that's also in Ubuntu) is in
'universe'. It simply means that the updates are not provided by Canonical -
Xubuntu is a community project.

When I say that Goodies are not part of the main project, the 'main project'
I'm referring to is Xfce, not Xubuntu. The Xubuntu developers have decided
to include some Goodies applications (because it adds to the
user-friendliness) - this is a decision separate from the Xfce developers.

>  Might be, but that doesn't mean that it should just make them all part of
> the main project.
> I also don't understand your sentence below.  Does 'DE' stand for Desktop
> Environment?


  If so, I wouldn't have thought that anyone would think that the default
> install of Xubuntu was a 'full-featured desktop'.  It is a very usable
> desktop manager for a server, but I need to add a long list of apps and
> settings hacks to make it a usable desktop system for my kids.  I am not
> just talking about goodies here, but the list of things that I add does
> include goodies.  Have I misunderstood your point?

I don't know what apps specifically you are referring to, but Xubuntu by
default includes an office suite, a graphics editor, a web browser, etc.
I can get started with a LiveCD right away and do my things - though I work
more comfortably in an environment customized to my needs. Your mileage
might vary of course.

May I ask what kind of things you add? This might be useful for the Xubuntu
Developers (for example, Xubuntu doesn't include a CD Burning application
just yet).

>  They are specifically not part of the project so a
> full-features DE can be provided without everything needing to conform to
> the quality demands of Xfce.
> BTW, I think the goodies are brilliant and have said before that I think
> that considering that they are installed by default in Xubuntu anyway, why
> aren't half a dozen of them added to the top panel in the default xubuntu
> install?  It is easy enough to delete them, if you don't want them.  Heh,
> this is 'Linux for Humans' after all.

You might suggest some specifically at the xubuntu-devel mailinglist :)

> Regards,
> David Collins

Hope that helps,

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