[xubuntu-users] Share bookmarks XP with Xubuntu

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 02:39:55 GMT 2008

Robert Jansen wrote:
> hi , if you use firefox you can download the foxmarks extension, to sync
> bookmarks on a your computers, works perfect for me,

> Foxmarks allows you to access your bookmarks online by logging into my.foxmarks.com. 

Foxmarks is a good solution, unless you consider your bookmarks
to be private information, not to be shared with Web service
.foxmarks.com nor the rest of the world between.

I am not sure I am willing to leave the control of my personal data
to some service over internet.
The same thing you could set up by publishing your bookmarks.html
to some privately-owned secured Webdav or plain http site, you can
control. Or you could just use your own USB flash memory you carry
around :) And use Bookmarks Export and import functions on
bookmarks.html file.

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