[xubuntu-users] Yet more Newbie questions :)

Vincent imnotb at gmail.com
Fri May 30 10:07:04 UTC 2008

On 5/29/08, Jeffrey B. Layton <laytonjb at charter.net> wrote:
> Sorry for being a pain,

Hey, we're here to help :)

I got Openoffice installed (that's everyone!). It's using JRE which
> I don't care for, but at this point at least it functions :)
> So now I'm starting to play with XFCE to see what I can do.
> Not to cause any problems, but I like the desktop at
> Dreamlinux (www.dreamlinux.com.br) which I think uses
> Compiz.

Actually, I believe it does not. The dock effect that is achieved in
Dreamlinux was just an effect of the dock they're using which is some
enlightenment dock I believe.

I followed Vincent's instructions for installing and
> running Compiz, but it wouldn't work. I think it's because I'm
> using an old SIS chipset (SIS 630?). But the funny part is that
> I can run the DreamLinux desktop (differences in the Compiz
> build?).

As said, Dreamlinux doesn't use Compiz. If you want to know if your system
supports Compiz, try Compiz-Check:

So I started looking around at Docks that kind of sort of look
> like the Mac OS X one. I found Simdock and installed it. Has
> anyone configured it on their desktop? How can I replace the
> panel in XFCE to use Simdock?

Cool, a dock I never heard about! If you've installed Simdock (you can
install it using Synaptic if you're using 8.04) then you can start it by
running (Alt+F2) "simdock" (doesn't it have a menu entry?). You can remove
an panel from Xfce by right-clicking it and selecting "Customise Panel",
then pressing the "-" button next to the name of the panel you want to
delete in the panel manager.

Third question (last one for today I think) - I was looking around
> for E17. I could only find e16 and "enlightenment" but I didn't
> find e17. Does anyone know where I could find e17?

Sorry, not much experience with enlightenment...

Also, if
> I install it, will gdm pick it up so I can just choose from the
> session?

If you install it with normal package manager (or IIRC even if you compile
it from source) then, yes, it's supposed to pick it up.

> Jeff
> P.S. So far I think Xubuntu is just great! I've been a Redhat person
> for a long time and Xubuntu is just great for my little old laptop!
> Very easy to use and the wireless setup is great!

Not for your brand-spanking new desktop pc? ;-)

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