[xubuntu-users] Beginners Problem Intel 915 Chipset-vga

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Thu Jan 24 09:36:34 UTC 2008

Dieter ange, from Hamburg, germany ..hi, and thanx a lot, David Mooney ,

1) Well, The CD- might be corrupt? ! 
hmmm, maybe , but i dn think so . I might try it on another Computer, not install, but as a live - cd . 
2) intel Chipset-VGA- graphics !!!
Well, yes, there might be severe issues, because intel ( always? ) uses a so caled-softbios for their chipset-VGa . 
this means, as much, as i know ( not much !!!), that the normal vga- bios 8on seperate card is missing totay, instead it integrated into standard bios-area.... The bios itself  knows , whre ( at which adress and such) it own companion, the vga-part is located , but not xubuntu- hardware-detection ???  So, in windows, the Gui- ( and the direct-x ) drivers have to replace the bios totally, especialy already fotr performance -issues and for the more highre screen- & colourdepth- solutions too...  The softbios then is, when the driver instals, somehow linked to the driver and / or Gui ?!?!  
something like that.
Although this is widely accepted  in OS-writers, OS- programmers, there migt be reminig ndrstanding-problems , or Intel doesn deliver proper information to these Guys ?!  Don know, but guessing ..
3) The unusual screensolution ?!
maybe, the VGA-chipset-driver, de,ivered with xubuntu 7.10 only can ( or does ) adrss the standard-extrenvga out socket properly, but cannot deal with the ( maybe ? ) tricky combination between internal 800 x 480  and multimode externa VGA , which , at least under windows , can be set up, to work either
a) simultaniously , showing the same content, or: 
b) 2-screen mode, adding extra space ..
c) 2-screen, showing the direct x-overlay seperately on screen 2, the rest on nr. 1 
d) reversely
e) the progs`s windows are shown in window, i. e. : screen  1) , the prog results( workspace) window in window/ screen 2) 
There is even a seperate Video-out connector  that maybe also has to be adressed properly ?!  
The whole Situation, so,  maybe difficult and trickey ....
Okay, all above wild theories...
Since asus doesn answer to my email up to now, i might go to intels webpage and try there to find  info &/o driver and such ...

thanx a lot up to now, 
best regards and good wishes go to You, dear david mooney, 
allways yours
dieter lange 
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> Von: "David Mooney" <moondoggy369 at mchsi.com>
> An: "Xubuntu Help and User Discussions" <xubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com>
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> D.L.-
> This is normal for time time users.  I did it too, but I wasn't sure what
> I did to deserve such a thing LOL.  Anyways, when you make/burn the Xubuntu
> live CD, make sure to burn it at the LOWEST speed possible, usually 1x
> will do.  This is important as the boot sector and other data is easily
> mis-burned if you burn it too quickly.  Also, if you're still getting that
> x-server display error after running a newly slowly-been-burn Live-CD, it's
> usually a hardware incompatibility issue (usually temporary).  Try to install
> using the safe mode or text only option in the Live-CD install menu,  and
> then you can finish the installation (the graphical, or GUI) by typing the
> following in the terminal area after the first part is installed and you have
> rebooted your computer:
> sudo apt-get update -f
> sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
> If the above commands don't work, try the following:
> sudo aptitude update -f
> sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop
> The above will take some time along with several prompts asking which
> display manager you want (xde).  Also, once you're finish, you may want to
> install all the updates too from the terminal (I think it's faster than running
> it through GUI).  Here's the update options:
> sudo apt-get update -f
> sudo apt-get upgrade -f
> or
> sudo aptitude update -f
> sudo aptitude upgrade -f
> You will then be prompted again for your password, etc.  If you're still
> having hardware issues, then you'll have to go to Intel's web site,
> http://www.intel.com to find the appropriate chipset drivers to download for your
> laptop in order to operate properly.  This can be done for anyone who owns
> an Intel machine too who might be having hardware issues.  They have
> downloads for Windows & Linux, so don't panic just yet.  I recommend printing this
> out before trying it so you know what you type when the time comes.  Hope
> this helps.
> -David :D
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>   On 23/01/2008, hesekiel2 at gmx.de <hesekiel2 at gmx.de> wrote:
>     Didi at hamburg, germany:
>     This mail is already pretty old, 10 days, or so? ,but there was no
> reply up to now, so i send it again !!!
>     Hi xubuntu- users!
>     Yesterday i tried --for the very first time at all, ---no xubuntu-
> experience at all ---( only suse-linux a bit  and now ubuntu, working fine
> since 2 weeks now, on my desktop pc , great Stuff!!! )to run Xubuntu on my 
> subnotebook / webpad  or so: 
>     Asus r 2 h ... , normally running under Windows xp, tablet edition ,
> vista compatible, too, but would be very slow, i feel ?!
>     it got a celerom M ULV 900 Cpu and a mobile intel 915 chipset, 800 x
> 480 touchpad-lcd-tft, 60 Gb Hdd, Usb2. Sdcard-reader, video-/ vga-out,
> fingerprint-sensor, , GPS, lan, wlan, bluetooth, camera and such, fully featured
> tiny little digital companion, a true digital diamond ;-) 
>     it book- sized and weighs a coarse 900 gramms ... Not much bigger than
> PSP  , but much   more featured and IBM-compatible ...
>     Anyway:
>     Back  to xubuntu:
>     Everytime i try and start  the ( 7. 10 ) xubuntu-cd  in my  ASUS R 2 H
> UMPC, text- mode part of bot works fine, but i only get up to the
> start-procedure of the X- server..... 
>     which fails totaly...
>     the screnn only changes slowly from dark  to 100% white, with some
> nice pattern in between , a bit grayscale pixel-blurring- show ....
>     every 20 seconds or so ....
>     Maybe the Asus LCd- screen with itś unusual 800 X 480 pixel size ist
> guilty for that ?! 
>     Is there any workaround, e. g. Boot- parameters to fix that ??
>     I can neither use ( live-Cd) nor install Xubuntu, if i cannot see
> anything on the screen .... and the x- server shutting down perodically ....
>     Isn it ?! 
>     Please help !
>     1 million Thanks in advance to everybody , who will answer & help !!!!
>     read ya?
>     D. L.
>   Well, you could try installing using the Alternate Install CD, but I
> cannot guarantee that it will work after it is installed. Are there any error
> messages upon boot? (Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to see output once it has tried
> starting the graphical display) 
>   -- 
>   Vincent 

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