[xubuntu-users] Wireless + wired connection

Nicolas Ferré nicolas.ferre at univ-provence.fr
Mon Jan 14 15:43:38 UTC 2008


I installed Xubuntu on my laptop a month ago and there is something 
bothering me. At work, I have a wired internet connection I set up 
manually. At home, I have a wireless connection in roaming mode. Every 
time I change my place, at start, Xubuntu complains about my hostname 
not defined explicitly in /etc/hosts. Each time, I add it to /etc/hosts 
but it get lost when I change my place !
Another related strange thing: at home, I cannot connect to some 
computers that belong to the same domain than I ! Even a 'ping' says 
these computers don't answer while I know they are connected !

Any hint ?


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