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On Jan 8, 2008 1:04 PM, keith <kwithey at civilsolutions.co.uk> wrote:

> On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 19:04 +0000, promar at juno.com wrote:
> > Hi,
> > first off my equipment:
> > fic 503+ motherboard
> > amd KIII 400 MHZ processor
> > 256 meg memory
> > radeon 32 meg apg video card
> > samsung sw232 cd/cdrw
> > maxtor 40 gig drive
> > maxtor 2.0 gig drive
> >
> > I downloaded xubuntu 7.10 and burned the iso image to a cd. Checksums of
> the file appeared
> > to be ok. checksums of the burned image also appeared to ok. After
> trying various times to
> > install from the cd, the install sometimes stalls at the point when its
> burning the
> > kernal, and when that passes through it stall at the point when
> installing the software
> > portion. I can never get past the software portion, when I do get past
> the kernal portion
> > of the install.
> >
> > After a few tips in troubleshooting, I came to conclusion that its my
> cdrom drive that
> > does not respond well during install.
> >
> > So my question is, how can I manage a harddrive install, by invoking the
> install process
> > via the cdrom image? I have no internet connection where my computer is
> located.
> >
> > regards
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> I had a similar problem with the install process stalling at apparently
> random points during installation.  Finally turned out to be a faulty
> power supply which couldn't manage to keep its voltages when trying to
> drive CD, discs, etc at the same time.
> Can't answer your final question, however!
> Keith
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Have you considered the type of media you are using to burn your image(
CD-R/ RW or DVD-R )?

Since you have determined that your IDE CD drive is toast, would your
machine handle an external USB solution( ie: CD Drive. Better yet, CD/ DVD
Burner )?

How important is it for you to upgrade into Xubuntu 7.10? Is it a necessity
or a desire?

I have personally experienced these same issues as I was installing
7.10into my Sawtooth G4 box( 400 Mhz with 896 MB RAM, DVD Drive, 2
Firewire/ USB
ports, ATI Rage 128 Onboard Vid with 8 MB Cache ). I've burned the image on
a Mad Dog 18x External CD/ DVD solution using USB. Don't do firewire as the
kernel, for some strange reason, will not detect the connection. I found
that the best media for burning images is FujiFilm DVD-Rs with a max of 4x.
The best CDs I've found were TDKs with a 52x threshhold.

Personally, after reading the specs on your PC, I wouldn't drop another
drive into it( too much knuckle-bustin' with all of that scrap metal inside
). Just hot-plug an external drive into one of your USB ports. The kernel
will detect the drive via GParted along with your other HDs. Once detected,
modify your partitions as you wish in your 40 gig( don't even touch your 2
Gig unless you plan to use it as a Win dump drive ), and it should install.
Should you still run into issues with the install, you decide on of two

   -- Go into your shell and utilize the CLI

   -- Revert back to Edgy( 6.06 ).

Otherwise, you can also give one of the other fine Lin flavours a shot.
Being I can read over 500 Gigs on the home network and do as I damned well
please with all of that space from my G4 with Edgy loaded using Konqueror
via Terminal and Samba( yes, I can manipulate the hell out of my wife's XP
batch files while she's online:) ), I am happy with what I have although the
upgrade would be a nice addition to my network.

Anyway, hope this helps out. Tedere es codere( when there is a will, there
is a way ).


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Don Fisher

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