[xubuntu-users] Trim down boot scripts

Joerg Thuemmler listen at vordruckleitverlag.de
Tue Jan 8 09:01:16 UTC 2008

JaM wrote:
> Whenever I boot Xubuntu I see a Loading Restricted Drivers process, but I am
> not using any restricted drivers, is there a way to remove this to speed the
> boot?  In general where are these stored so I can remove any boot script I
> feel is unnecessary?

Hmm, if you don't have any devices needing a restricted driver, you shouldn't
see that... usually the boot and runlevel start scripts are located in
/etc/init.d so you can remove scripts by removing the link in the appropriate
runlevel subdir.
I just don't have a (x)ubuntu under my fingers so sorry for no detailed
The loading of drivers themselves is controlled by /etc/modules.conf
(maybe the name has changed last times), where you can
deselect a driver by commenting out the "alias" line for it. But this
conf-file is generated by the hardware detection at install time so it
should be a correct picture of your hardware and I would be carefully
to change it.


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