[xubuntu-users] copy paste problem

Danny Taylor d4nnyt at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 13:29:42 UTC 2008

I noticed this problem yesterday.
If I copy photos from a thunar window, close that window, then open another
thunar window. I cannot paste the photos, even though I have clipman

2008/12/21 Marko Oreskovic <markoresko at gmail.com>

> leegold wrote:
> > I notice some action in the copying/pasting in Xuuntu that I'm
> > not used to:
> > If I highlight and copy a line from the terminal and then try to paste
> > to mousepad it works OK.
> > But if I close the terminal before I paste it then the copy/paste
> > does not work.
> > I'm noticing this throughout my Xubuntu experience - that
> > items/strings I copy get lost - IMO, once something gets copied it
> > should stick there...
> > Is there some thing I don't know about how this works in Linux
> > and/or Xubuntu?
> This is not a bug. This is how X-Windows nad X.org behave on All
> platforms that uses X-Windows.
> There is NO Clipboard as-such on X.
> Active application is just "saving" copied content and can serve it to
> other active application if requests it. When first application is
> closed copied content is unavailable.
> If you activate Clipman or some other manager like Google`s Clipboard
> manager through XfApplet, then you will have your Copied content
> available After you close your application because Clipman/Clipboard
> manager hold it for you.(And hitory with it)
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