[xubuntu-users] copy paste problem

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 12:31:42 UTC 2008

leegold wrote:
> I notice some action in the copying/pasting in Xuuntu that I'm
> not used to:
> If I highlight and copy a line from the terminal and then try to paste
> to mousepad it works OK.
> But if I close the terminal before I paste it then the copy/paste
> does not work.
> I'm noticing this throughout my Xubuntu experience - that
> items/strings I copy get lost - IMO, once something gets copied it
> should stick there...
> Is there some thing I don't know about how this works in Linux
> and/or Xubuntu?

This is not a bug. This is how X-Windows nad X.org behave on All
platforms that uses X-Windows.
There is NO Clipboard as-such on X.
Active application is just "saving" copied content and can serve it to
other active application if requests it. When first application is
closed copied content is unavailable.

If you activate Clipman or some other manager like Google`s Clipboard
manager through XfApplet, then you will have your Copied content
available After you close your application because Clipman/Clipboard
manager hold it for you.(And hitory with it)

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