[xubuntu-users] Where are program files in Xubuntu ?

leegold leegold at fastmail.fm
Tue Dec 16 05:15:35 UTC 2008

With Xubuntu 8.10 I somehow got plugins in Firefox that play music files
inside Firefox. I don't want this. I want the music player application
itself to open and play the audio file. So I disabled the Totem web
browser plugin - that made it so a window opens up asking if I want to
save the file or play it. It asks me to browse to the application and
choose it for opening the music files. If I check the box to always use
this app I will get the action I want.

The problem is it wants me to browse to the executable file for eg. the
Listen Music player or eg. totem. In XP I know they're in Program Files
folder but in Linux I don't the slightest idea. What file extention or
file type do look for? Were do I browse to? Is there a utility that
could them fast and is simple to use?


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