[xubuntu-users] more video trouble

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Sat Aug 23 15:56:53 UTC 2008

Andrew Kane schrieb:
>      I swapped a cheapo Dell crt monitor for a ViewSonic 17PS on this
> machine, which has xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop both installed-
> Xubuntu was the original install, and the ubuntu-desktop package was
> added as an afterthought.
>      After the monitor switch it seemed to me that the monitor image
> was "jittering" slightly at 1280x1024, and looking at the "Display
> properties" dialog it seemed that the monitor was not supported at its
> higher available frequencies. The Dell was IIRC capable of 30-70 Hsync
> and 50-75 Vrefresh or so. According to the manufacturer the Viewsonic
> can do 30-86 Hsync and 50-160 Vrefresh (these are in KHz and Hz
> respectively of course.)

Hi Andew,
as it seems you changed from an older monitor to a more recent LCD.
In sharp contrast to what wwe know of monitors,  LCDs absolutely do 
not have options in regards to resolution and do not like higher 

You either operate them in their native resolution (yours is 
1280x1024) or the image will inevitably be blurred. Furthermore they 
are best set to 60Hz refresh rate.

So for a start, 1280x1024/60hz will be what provides you with the best 
possible image that your LCD can display.
Now, should 1280x1024 be bad on your eyes, you must not change the 
resolution!, instead you will need to set the font size on the screen, 
so that the fonts will be displayed larger and more easily readable.

Another tip might be to use the digital output (DVI) that your Radeon 
9200 provides. However, this will only make sense, if your monitor has 
a digital (DVI) input.

 From my experince this can easily make a difference from "not what I 
need" to "crisply sharp".

Kind regards

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