[xubuntu-users] wireless network setting (for wpa2) not saved

FBJ 222fbj at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 20:34:14 UTC 2008

I have xubuntu running on an old sony laptop with a wireless connection.
The main problem I have is that network settings
(system>network>wireless>properties) does not retain the correct password
type.  My wireless net uses wpa2, and I sometimes get this working...but the
settings always revert to WPA and I lose connection.    I have used the Save
Location option but that does not help.  Any suggestions how I can
permanently assign wpa2 ?

Also - if i open the 'manual network configuration>edit wireless networks'
there are no networks listed.... but they do  show up in the 'wireless
properties' dropdown menu (above the Password Type menu list).

I installed the latest stable build of xubuntu about a week ago.  xfce v
442     According to the update manager my system is up to date.

Also - since my needs (and hardware) are minimal... would I get better
performance using KDE instead of gnome?  I also noticed a setting for 'let
xfce manage desktop" which I left checked.  Would changing this improve

thanks for any advice

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