[xubuntu-users] Hardware not detected on Xubuntu installation, but detected on Ubuntu

Carlos Sánchez csanchez71 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 23:24:44 UTC 2007

I've been using Ubuntu on my laptop for a while and when I installed it all my laptop HW was detected. As my laptop is an old one I decided to move to Xubuntu, expecting to get the same results on auto detection, but it didn't work the same, having myself to add the wifi usb stick and the sound card manually. So this is not actually asking for help as I managed to add the missing HW, but more a question about how may that happen and who or where may I report that so it's corrected on next release if possible :)

Apart from that I'm very happy with the change made, Xubuntu is just what I needed :)

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