[xubuntu-users] md5 digest doesn't match on download (ppc desktop)

Joel Rees joel_rees at sannet.ne.jp
Mon Sep 17 03:17:48 UTC 2007

Downloaded xubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-powerpc.iso last night and took the
digest and it doesn't match.

The digest line from MD5SUMS:
ac07d20b3190e7370e3fe4307df548bf  xubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-powerpc.iso

The command:
$ openssl dgst -hex
-md5 /fat/u61/6.06.1/xubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-powerpc.iso

The results:

md5sum produces the same. I'm pretty sure the place I downloaded this
from was 


but I'm not anxious to start another three hour download without asking
somebody to check.

Now I tried downloading from the server described on the download page
as the UK server, 


and this one gives the correct MD5 checksum. 

I'm not sure where I should take this, and I don't think I should just
let it slide. Maybe I got a bad download, maybe there's something going
on in the US.

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