[xubuntu-users] Gutsy test release 5

William Scott wgscott at chemistry.ucsc.edu
Sat Sep 1 16:11:34 BST 2007

For reasons I won't go into here, I needed some stuff in Gutsy so  
thought it would be a good chance to test the upgrade using apt-get.  
It all went reasonably smoothly.

One thing that surprised me is that /usr/bin/Terminal is now /usr/bin/ 
xfce4-terminal, which probably makes more sense, but it messed up my  
customizations.  (I lazily fixed this with a symbolic link.)

A bug that doesn't seem to be Xubuntu-specific that apparently a  
number of people have is a background udevd process at boot-time,  
that maxes out the cpu.  Killing it manually seems to have no drastic  

I use Beryl by default with Xubuntu (one I compiled from svn a few  
months ago). Not surprisingly, the upgrade partially hosed it.  The  
cube effect works but the window themes are broken.  Seems the svn  
link is down too.

But vanilla Xubuntu seems to work perfectly fine.

William G. Scott

contact info:  http://chemistry.ucsc.edu/~wgscott

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