[xubuntu-users] speeding up 7.10 by upgrading to 686 kernel

Radomir Dopieralski xubuntu at sheep.art.pl
Wed Nov 28 02:58:59 UTC 2007

Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 06:07:57PM -0800: 
> I wasn't sure if that meant it's repaired or not, so I again tried "apt-get
> install linux-686" and received messages about it not being able to write to
> files. So I ran "mount / -o rw, remount" and the apt-get again, and it
> displayed a few lines, at the end of which it said "E: Couldn't find package
> linux-686" I Googled and found "aptitude install linux-686" and ran that; it
> seemed to do more stuff, but still couldn't find the package.
> So I guess the good news is that my system seems to be repaired/working and
> now I just have to figure out how to get the 686 kernel (assuming that will
> help my slow performance).

The 686 (and all other kernels) are now merged to a single kernel called
linux-image-generic, so there are only two kernels, -386 and -generic for
the desktop. The -generic kernel will enable all optimisations needed when
it detects a processor that can use them.

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