[xubuntu-users] Terminal problem PLUS Celtx install problem

Stefan Schwarzburg stefan.schwarzburg at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 6 09:58:14 UTC 2007

could you try to install a different terminal emulator?
Open Synaptic->Search->"xterm" -> install.
After this, press "Alt + F2" and type xterm in the "run application" window
that will appear.
This would not be a solution to your problem, but it could give you a
Terminal :-)

Also: have you tried to reinstall "xfce4-terminal"? This might help as well.
BTW: this is not you doing something wrong. It sounds more like a graphics
driver problem. But it's strange that it only appears when opening a
terminal. So, if reinstall or xterm does not help: Could you tell us
something about your graphics card and the driver that is used and if you
have compositing enabled in the windowmanager tweaks?


2007/11/6, JS <jks at johnkennethstewart.com>:
> Hi
> I apologise for my ignorance in advance as I am new to both Xubuntu and
> Linux in general. I have installed the latest Xubuntu on a Dell desktop
> machine and everything seemed to be fine until I tried to install Celtx
> (the Linix version).
> After many hours of failing at this and looking through documentation I
> have come to the conclusion that part of my problem is that I can't open
> Terminal. However I try to open Terminal, using the keyboard or through
> the Applications/Accessories menu or by right clicking, the screen goes
> nuts, then black, then reappears at the splash screen with the user log
> in.
> I assume that this is either me doing something wrong, or a bug, or a
> problem with the install - (which I've hardly had time to screw up!).
> I'd be very grateful if someone could help with either or both problems
> - given that any help with Celtx alone would have to be without using
> Terminal.
> Regards
> John
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