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Wed May 23 21:41:12 UTC 2007

Thanks for the replys, I'll try to answer what i can:

"Please message back about the OEM installation you spoke of, I am rather
curious to look into it."

The OEM installer is the 2nd option down on the alternate install disk. It uses the
alternate installer (debian console based installer) but the user you create is only
temporary and once you have customised the install using the temporary user account
you can type in a command (that your told in the install) and it will remove your
temporary user account and the next time (x)ubuntu is started it will ask the user to
create a user name and password.
I really want to keep the OEM setup as it seems more professional and easier than
trying to explain to the PC's next owner how to change the user account setup and
making sure they know the username and password that was setup by us so they can go
in to change the users.

I think the OEM part of xubuntu was just brought in unmodified from ubuntu, which is
fine and does the job but the theme and wall paper could do with changing, hard to
explain without a screenshot but you have a plain X with no window manager and a
dialog in the middle of the screen asking for the new users details. But the wall
paper is the default brown ubuntu wallpaper which isn't used anywhere else on the
final install and clashes with the blue theme on the window. I can't imagine it being
too hard to patch xubuntu to point instead to the default xubuntu wall paper and
theme rather than ubuntu's. If someone points me where to look i'll investigate
further into how to fix it.

Thanks for the link, i'll look into reconstructor but as we're only talking about 15
pc's it's not a big deal using the normal install.

Thanks for the fix, i've not actually tried installing xubuntu onto the PC's yet,
hoping to find time this week or next (failing that i might bring 1 home) so i'm not
sure if i'll need it as this error i only noticed in qemu so far, but wasn't
expecting something so essential to have a bug like that, hope it can be fixed for gutsy!

I did consider the possibility of a network installer but i've no experience in
setting one up. I'll welcome the chance to try it out if theres a well written wiki
or howto you can point me too, all the PC's should have network cards so would be an
interesting method esp if i can keep the OEM aspect.

Everyone pretty much:
I like abiword as well and think it's better than openoffice on older computers but i
was thinking for the power point and access replacements openoffice offers quite a
good alternative, if it was just a choice of openoffice word verses abiword i would
pick abiword too but it's more about the complete package, luckily when i checked the
complete openoffice suite is on the xubuntu CD just not installed by default so not a
problem for me to add openoffice post install.

The PC's might end up going to families with chiildren in there mid-teen's so any
extra educational tools/game recommendations are welcome still. (I find that much of
the edubuntu install contains games aimed at children far younger, would really be
handy if there was a meta package to install a few CAD tools and periodic table's and
of course solitare hehe, in the future a set of common customizations metapackage's
would be handy for xubuntu or generic any ubuntu, a package with a set of simple
games and a package with a set of office apps and so on.)

I'm trying to avoid rolling a complete custom setup due to the small volume of PC's
involved but any writeups and advice from people who have been though it all ready is
more than welcome to comment! 

Thanks for the replys, been awesome getting such a big response in 1 day, the
community is one of the biggest strengths of the linux/opensouce world.


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