[xubuntu-users] OEM install

Sébastien Barthélemy barthelemy at crans.org
Wed May 23 17:16:30 UTC 2007

Le mercredi 23 mai 2007 à 01:47 +0100, daniel.faulkner at boltblue.com a
écrit :
> So as most of the computers have no CD drive (can install from an external drive or
> fit a CD drive for the installation period)


If these computers have an ethernet card, it is quite easy to automate a
network install (using debian-installer preseed file). This way you can
also install additionnal packages automatically at the end of the setup.

Maybe doing a customized iso with preseeding is quite easy to.

It works great, don't hesitate to ask me for help if needed.

> * After i installed xubuntu in the virtual machine i came across a bug (reported in
> launchpad) where every time i tried to open a terminal X crashed.

Jim's solution worked for me.

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