[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu for Curmudgeons

Graeme Pietersz fgpietersz at uk2.net
Sun May 6 08:33:25 UTC 2007

On Sunday 06 May 2007 11:06, Robert Steinmetz wrote:
install... or some such.
> Depending on his use and the machine, I'd suggest trying Ubuntu.
> If the machine ever ran XP acceptably Ubuntu ought to run at least as
> well and be reasonably familiar.
> If that doesn't work, adding more memory may help a lot..
> Xubuntu leaves out a lot of stuff a typical user might like to have such
> as OpenOffice. You can install OpenOffice on Xubuntu, but it loses a lot
> of its advantages then.

I agree. We all tend to be biased towards our favourite desktop.

I currently use:

KDE for me
XFCE for my wife
Kubuntu for my daughter - recently switched from Gnome.

I think I have made the mistake of installing KDE for people who would have 
been better off with Gnome. I think Gnome is the right choice for the average 
user - it is simpler than KDE, but easier for an average user to find 
functionality through point and click exploration than XFCE, and GUI admin 
tool are more complete. KDE perhaps for the "power user" who can learn a GUI  
but is frightened of command lines. Xubuntu for a couple of different groups 
of people.

Perhaps we need a how to for choosing desktops for other people - I know I 
suck at doing it.


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