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Stefan Schwarzburg stefan.schwarzburg at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 19 14:39:22 UTC 2007


2007/7/19, Rich Shepard <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com>:
>    I've just replaced another distribution on my fiancee's ThinkPad 600E
> with
> xubuntu-7.04. Everything is working nicely, except the wireless networking
> (which worked flawlessly before).
>    The card is a Lucent Technologies WaveACCESS Gold PC24E-H-FC which uses
> the orinoco drivers.
>    The network is configured the same as for the wired connection (which
> works just fine): same static IP address, netmask, gateway, routes, but
> 'the
> network is unreachable.' I just installed linux-wlan-ng and now the link
> light on the card does not come on during system boot, but it did before
> that package was installed. We need the wireless access so she can use the
> laptop around the house without trailing a long cat5 cable around.
>    On a related issue -- applicable to both wired and wireless networking
> --
> every time the system boots, more and more nm-applet instances are
> started.
> Each generates a warning message as it loads (because the wifi is not
> working), and the icons march right to left across the top icon bar. There
> are more than 19 instances now, but that's all the room there is on the
> screen; it pushes off the clock and quit button from the right end. How do
> I
> kill all but one instance, and keep it off?

I can't help you with the rest, but I had this  behaviour also.  What I did
( and it worked for me) was:  type "killall nm-applet". Logout the session
with save session. Login. There should be no nm-applets any more. Now you
can start one again ("nm-applet").
If this does not work, you can remove all your session information: "rm

I hope this helps and someone else can help you with the wireless.

   I had tried invoking it as 'nm-applet --sm-disable' but that makes no
> difference. It's a PITA, and nothing I saw on the session management
> dialog
> box tabbed pages seemed to help.
> TIA,
> Rich
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