[xubuntu-users] CD Booting turns off monitor

Adam Miller maxamillion at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 19:47:56 UTC 2007

You have to do CTRL+ALT+F7 to get back to the tty session that the X server
is running on and once you have done that, you do CTRL+ALT+Backspace.


On 1/31/07, bassix <bassix at gmail.com> wrote:
> ..."doing 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server' and specifying the correct
> values for horizontal and vertical refresh should fix your problem."
> I did try that, however how do I restart X? As root I typed "startx" after
> doing the reconfigure, but it complained that the xserver was still
> running. I ogirinally got to the prompt with CTRL-ALT-F1, as
> CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE did not do anything. Is there another keystroke I
> should be aware of to properly stop the xserver? Or can I add something to
> the CD boot to start in a lower (shell only) runlevel? I am doing this all
> from live CD...
> Thanks for your help. It sort of sucks as I was looking forward to giving
> xubuntu a try... unfortunately, usually when a distro doesn't work at this
> point, most people will just go to something else, as there are a lot of
> other choices out there. I'm hanging in a bit longer... :-)
> -Steve.
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