[xubuntu-users] Upgrading to Xubuntu 6.10

Marco Castellani marco at gruppolocale.it
Tue Jan 16 09:17:59 UTC 2007

Thanks Joshua for your explanation. Only one question: I have already 
istalled xubuntu-desktop 1.32 (according to my packet manager, it's the 
latest  version available, at least for Dapper). Should I install 
xubuntu-desktop for Edgy, before starting to upgrade? In that case, how 
can I retrieve the correct version? Maybe I should edit the file 
sources.list, that upgrade only "xubunbu-desktop", and finally run 
"apt-get update"?

Thanks again ;)

Joshua Gardner ha scritto:
> The basic process is to first install the package xubuntu-desktop. 
> This ensures that you don't miss new packages.  Then edit the file 
> /etc/apt/sources.list as root, and change every instance of Dapper to 
> Edgy. Now you run the command sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get 
> dist-upgrade and sit back for a while as the new packages download and 
> install.
> Have Fun!
> -CelloFellow

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