[xubuntu-users] initial xubuntu user notes

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 22:43:58 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Maybe I'm the first person to put a post up here on xubuntu-users, but I'm
not sure.  I figured that I would get things started anyway.  Currently, I'm
running xubuntu on my Thinkpad T22, with a PIII @ 800mhz and 256mb of RAM.
I occasionally dual boot between xubuntu and Windows 2000 on that laptop,
and xubuntu runs much faster on that machine than W2k.

My method of installation on the laptop was to use the alternate install CD,
and to install just the base xubuntu system, and then build up the workings
of the system using apt-get from the command line.  Though this way takes
longer than , it's allowed me to save HD space on my older system.

I really like the speed of Xfce on this laptop (on any moachine, actually),
but I wish there were more icon options available for Xfce.  Unlike
gnome-look and kde-look.org, xfce-look.org doesn't have a plethora of icon
options available.  I think I'm using the Tango icon set, and those seem to
work well.  I think I installed those right from the ubuntu repositories.

I'm running Edgy Eft, and haven't had any problems with reliability.  I plan
to test the alpha and beta releases of Feisty Fawn on a spare HD on my
desktop, which is currently running Xfce on top of Debian.

This is just an initial entry here, but feel free to post your questions,
comments, tips, and suggestions.  See you around!

jwcampbell at gmail.com
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