[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu telling LCD backlight to turn off? (ancient Dell Inspiron 3000)

Adam Miller maxamillion at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 22:46:05 UTC 2007

Not that I know of, this sounds more like an ACPI issue though


On 2/5/07, michael at michaelshiloh.com <michael at michaelshiloh.com> wrote:
> I have Xubuntu on an ancient Dell Inspiron 3000. It was given to me as
> "useless" because it can't run Windows, and in unknown state.
> Of course it's happy, if a little slow at gimp, running our favorite.
> Every so often the LCD backlight turns off.  I discovered that closing and
> opening the lid fixed it, so I thought this was a loose wire and tore it
> apart, but never found a loose wire. Then I noticed that it was suficient
> to
> press and release the little button that detects when the lid is closed,
> for
> the same result, meaning that it's a software issue and not hardware (I
> think). When the lid is closed it goes into some kind of hibernation, from
> which it awakens almost instantly (relative to a reboot).
> I guess I need to find out what exactly is going on when the lid closes; I
> don't know if it's triggering a Linux power change or hibernation mode
> event
> or if the laptop firmware is handling that in the BIOS.
> But is there any control for the backlight in Xubuntu?
> Michael
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