[xubuntu-users] update-notifier

David Collins dcolli22 at csc.com.au
Wed Aug 8 23:29:41 UTC 2007

For general information ..

In a fresh install of Feisty Xubuntu, I chose in Software Sources -
Updates/Check for Updates.  After a time, I realized that this wasn't
happening.  I found that update-notifier was not installed - installing
this fixed the problem without me doing anything else - working nicely now.

The small downside is that when you install update-notifier, you download
quite a few gnome components in the process.  Maybe that is why it is not
installed as part of the Xubuntu OS install ?

Does anyone know the history of this ?
(I guess it would be nice to have an xfce4-based update-notifier?)

David Collins

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