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I am Samuele, and would like to start contributing to this project. I am finishing a degree in Electronics and Informatics Engeneering. I would like to introduce myself telling some of my skills and interest and why I would like to contribute to this project at list for this 10 days before the official release. 

## My story with Linux

I am a Fedora Gnome/Ubuntu user. However I used Xubuntu 14.04 a lot because I had a slow laptop at that time. I did some distro hopping but Xubuntu was the one that hitted my confort spot. Then I passed the laptop to mum and tried to find the best distro for her. I accostumed with Linux Mint Mate but then I discovered poor security practice of Linux Mint. Then I switched to Ubuntu Mate. I consider Ubuntu Mate a good distro an Mate is probably lighter os as light as Xfce, but with more options. However the default are really questionable, the integration with CSD and Gnome apps in general is very poor (try to install gnome-weather or gnome-clocks), and their conservative approach imo is not very good for usability. Also Mate is good for more geek people but Mate Welcome and excpecially software Boutique is overwelming for a new user. Also it looks to me that Xubuntu have more room for improvement and many people would benefit from them.

## Trying to help with the right to study in the time of coronovirus

I am Italian, wich has been hitted hard by coronavirus. The school are closed and lessons are often given by the internet. The right of study is at threat, not everybody has a smartphone, a laptop (or a fast enough laptop) a tablet to follow the lesson. Some people have many kids and just one laptop.This put on threat the ONU right to study. I think Xubuntu could help, so helping for this 20.04 is my way of helping other people.

## What I'll try to do

I'll try to do some translations in italian, file some bugs and make some request that I find reasonable.
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