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Wed Mar 22 11:41:52 UTC 2017

Hello Gary,

while I see where you're coming from, I think there are a few good 
reasons not to mention the forcepae option.

First, I believe the group of potential users with processors that can 
support PAE with the forcepae is relatively small (note: we do not have 
any exact numbers on this, it's just an educated guess). In any case, 
even if the group was larger than we expected, it would still be a minority.

That said, any extra mention we make about PAE or any other thing that 
doesn't affect the majority of users will make the threshold to try 
Xubuntu for some people bigger.

We already hear from people who have problems figuring out which ISO 
they need to download (32- or 64-bit), how they can do it (should they 
use Torrents or direct downloads), how they can get it on a USB stick 
correctly... I understand these aren't necessarily related, but they all 
add to the same process a new user has to go through. This is the reason 
why we very recently edited this page to be more concise and clear – 
there are no longer different system requirements for trying/installing 
and running.

Last, if we were to include a mention about forcepae, we would very 
likely want to write our own compact guide (probably in a blog article 
format) about it rather than link to the community-editable wiki; while 
that is a good resource for many things (and I say this as an 
administrator of that wiki), it has its shortcomings and thus I don't 
consider it a sensible outlet to refer to in a spot that so important 
for us – again: where people either decide to install or not.

I would happily hear from other team members on this though; do we think 
a mention about forcepae is necessary?

Thanks for the attention to detail and positive feedback on Xubuntu – 
I'm happy to hear you are enjoying Xubuntu!


On 2017-03-11 21:20, fmandnu wrote:
> Hello,
> On your documentation page at:
> you have the statement: 
> “Your processor needs to support PAE in order to run Xubuntu.” This is 
> correct but I think that you should also mention that some processors 
> support PAE but still will not run because the flag does not show in 
> the kernel. I think that this sentence on your web page should include 
> a mention of “forcepae”. There should also be a link to the Ubuntu PAE 
> Community Help Wiki that explains “forcepae” and that it can be used 
> with the Xubuntu install. Other distros have this link and at first I 
> did not think that Xubuntu also allowed “forcepae” until I tried it.
> By the way, I’m very happy with Xubuntu on my old Pentium M+ computer. 
> I finally got rid of Microsoft XP! Hahaha… Xubuntu is a major 
> improvement to the point where my old notebook is now (almost) running 
> like a modern computer. Thanks for all your work on Xubuntu. I’m happy 
> to be running the XFCE desktop.
> Best Regards,
> Gary M.

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