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Sat Mar 11 19:20:12 UTC 2017


On your documentation page at: you have the statement: "Your
processor needs to support PAE in order to run Xubuntu." This is correct but
I think that you should also mention that some processors support PAE but
still will not run because the flag does not show in the kernel. I think
that this sentence on your web page should include a mention of "forcepae".
There should also be a link to the Ubuntu PAE Community Help Wiki that
explains "forcepae" and that it can be used with the Xubuntu install. Other
distros have this link and at first I did not think that Xubuntu also
allowed "forcepae" until I tried it.


By the way, I'm very happy with Xubuntu on my old Pentium M+ computer. I
finally got rid of Microsoft XP! Hahaha. Xubuntu is a major improvement to
the point where my old notebook is now (almost) running like a modern
computer. Thanks for all your work on Xubuntu. I'm happy to be running the
XFCE desktop.


Best Regards,

Gary M.

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