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flocculant flocculant at gmx.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 16:44:52 UTC 2017

During the 17.04 development cycle, I took a back seat with Dave Pearson 
taking up the reins. While taking a backseat from Xubuntu I spent some 
time working with Simon on new GTK3 Xfce ports from a testing point of view.

This worked well, so well that Dave and I have decided that the best way 
forward for all concerned is to split duties [1]. For at least now until 
the end of the next LTS cycle Dave will continue to deal with the daily 
Xubuntu QA and I will spend more time on the Xfce side.

That does not mean that either of us will only do that, Xubuntu and Xfce 
are rather strongly tied. You will still see calls for testing from me, 
this just means there will be 2 of us on the development mailing list.

For people who aren't too sure where Dave came from - he came from the 
pool of testers we have and is proof that the long-term plan to invite 
people from there into Xubuntu QA and from there into the Xubuntu team 
works. We do watch for people and they do get asked to join.



[1] https://xubuntu.org/xubuntu-quality-assurance-team-spreading-out
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