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Hi Flocculant,

The link you gave doesn't exist, there is a Page Not Found...

Anyway, good luck with XFCE.

2017-04-27 18:44 GMT+02:00 flocculant <flocculant at gmx.co.uk>:

> During the 17.04 development cycle, I took a back seat with Dave Pearson
> taking up the reins. While taking a backseat from Xubuntu I spent some time
> working with Simon on new GTK3 Xfce ports from a testing point of view.
> This worked well, so well that Dave and I have decided that the best way
> forward for all concerned is to split duties [1]. For at least now until
> the end of the next LTS cycle Dave will continue to deal with the daily
> Xubuntu QA and I will spend more time on the Xfce side.
> That does not mean that either of us will only do that, Xubuntu and Xfce
> are rather strongly tied. You will still see calls for testing from me,
> this just means there will be 2 of us on the development mailing list.
> For people who aren't too sure where Dave came from - he came from the
> pool of testers we have and is proof that the long-term plan to invite
> people from there into Xubuntu QA and from there into the Xubuntu team
> works. We do watch for people and they do get asked to join.
> Cheers
> Kev
> [1] https://xubuntu.org/xubuntu-quality-assurance-team-spreading-out
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