Bug #1536353 (Many Epson printers no longer work as of 16.04)

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon May 9 23:23:28 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-10 01:56, Richard Elkins wrote:
> A reprint of message #31 in bug report #1536353 .....
> I cannot understand why Xenial (16.04) dropped lsb in the first place 
> given how much dependency exists. However, I have tried two of the 
> suggested solutions and the printer-driver-escpr package provides 
> basic printing functions for my Epson XP-410 (I lucked out).
> My request regarding the lsb packages of 15.10: PLEASE put them back 
> into 16.04. They might be "outdated" in some peoples opinion but the 
> users are at the mercy of 3rd party vendors who see no profit in 
> expending energy in this regard.
> Other thoughts?

Hello Richard,

most individual packages (like lsb) available from the Ubuntu 
repositories are not maintained by the Xubuntu team. What that 
practically means is that the Xubuntu team does not make decisions about 
them being in the archive or not.

If you want to discuss about putting some package back in the 
repositories, you will at least need to talk to the maintainer of the 
package. It's possible that the reason a package is removed from the 
repositories is because it wouldn't work with other package versions in 
the release. If you are lucky and this is not the case, you still need 
to convince the package maintainer (or a new one) to reintroduce the 
package and make sure it works. If you get this far, you will also need 
the archive admins to approve the now "new" package.

You can increase your possibilities for reinclusion by volunteering to 
doing one or more of the actual tasks I mentioned above.


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