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I'm new to the mail list and, although not for sure, I wanted to have a
look at what contributions are you looking for. However, I can't not access
your link, first it requires an Ubuntu One account (which I have), and then
it indicates something about being authorized to access it:

On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 11:45 AM, Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at>

> Hello you who are interested in improving the Xubuntu community!
> As a part of the effort to describe more processes and make it easier for
> new people to jump in contributing, we put up a list of translations that
> are important for Xubuntu. This list would serve as the starting point for
> translators willing to help Xubuntu. Thank you David and others!
> The list is on a pad at
> The list is separated to three (four) groups:
>     1) Only in Xubuntu
>     2) Built (mainly) for Xubuntu
>     3) Used by and essential for Xubuntu
>     4) To be considered (or, "Anything else shipped by default in Xubuntu")
> The first three groups with applications would be listed in the processes
> wiki page [1]. The fourth group would be mentioned briefly as the next
> go-to place after one has translated groups 1-3. Additionally, we should
> encourage translators to translate any other application they are using in
> Xubuntu.
> I've left a space for discussion at the end of the pad for comments.
> Please use that or reply to this thread in the mailing list to give
> feedback.
> Please note that whatever state the list was in after some time (the next
> meeting or so), I'll move the list to the processes page. This is because
> being in place, the list can immediately help new contributors to get
> started with translations. Since these processes are now outside the
> Strategy Document, it is easy enough to go and change them without needing
> to go through much bureaucracy. In other words, even when the list is in
> place, it's always up for discussion.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
> [1]
> P.S. If you suddenly became interested in translating Xubuntu into your
> own language, you can start now by following the links on the pad.
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