Translations important for Xubuntu

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Fri Oct 3 16:45:07 UTC 2014

Hello you who are interested in improving the Xubuntu community!

As a part of the effort to describe more processes and make it easier 
for new people to jump in contributing, we put up a list of translations 
that are important for Xubuntu. This list would serve as the starting 
point for translators willing to help Xubuntu. Thank you David and others!

The list is on a pad at

The list is separated to three (four) groups:
     1) Only in Xubuntu
     2) Built (mainly) for Xubuntu
     3) Used by and essential for Xubuntu
     4) To be considered (or, "Anything else shipped by default in Xubuntu")

The first three groups with applications would be listed in the 
processes wiki page [1]. The fourth group would be mentioned briefly as 
the next go-to place after one has translated groups 1-3. Additionally, 
we should encourage translators to translate any other application they 
are using in Xubuntu.

I've left a space for discussion at the end of the pad for comments. 
Please use that or reply to this thread in the mailing list to give 

Please note that whatever state the list was in after some time (the 
next meeting or so), I'll move the list to the processes page. This is 
because being in place, the list can immediately help new contributors 
to get started with translations. Since these processes are now outside 
the Strategy Document, it is easy enough to go and change them without 
needing to go through much bureaucracy. In other words, even when the 
list is in place, it's always up for discussion.



P.S. If you suddenly became interested in translating Xubuntu into your 
own language, you can start now by following the links on the pad.

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