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2014-03-20 21:52 GMT-03:00 Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at>:

> Social media is not the right place to communicate every single change. We
> have seen in the past how this can create a lot of negative and even
> trollish feedback that only distracts the contributors.
> I do not mean that all the steps of change be broadcast, what I mean is
that significant changes we/you consider that is something we want feedback
from the community as a whole, that we use all the meanings of
communications that are available to us.

> I would think this problem would be solved by making sure to keep the team
> reports up to date and telling testers to keep a track on those, or
> alternatively, the meeting minutes. This is something we have worked on
> this cycle. If you have other ideas how to communicate changes that are
> landing in the development release to testers, please share them with us.
> I believe that our website might be used a central point of information,
even if the wiki is used for keep track of meetings and other usual tasks,
it might be interesting that the website shows our plans, the state of the
work and the kind of input we hope from users. Then our social mediums can
point to a central information hotspot.

> We are doing this on the installer slideshow. Furthermore, we have
> discussed changing the browser frontpage before but it implies technical
> (and potentially other) issues we didn't want to face then.
> I understand that, but I think the rewards of doing this change while the
development cycles are running might make it desirable, this might be
something other flavours are interested on as well.

I believe all of the comments i'm making are related to the question Elfy
proposed, about how to increase reports on the testing cases. My intention
is not to derail the conversation to other futile discussions about
personal preferences (mine or otherwise).

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