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Fri Mar 21 00:52:14 UTC 2014

On 2014-03-21 02:34, Bruno Benitez wrote:
> I have to thanks Elfy for all the work he has been doing about QA, his 
> work and attitude where excellent to provide a good feedback between 
> finding errors and reporting them. The calls for test where visible 
> and he was available to support any new testers landing on the irc 
> channel.
> My opinion is that we need a more active social media presence, I feel 
> that some changes weren't publicized enough for the testers to 
> understand them when they happened, of course this is also something 
> we as the community who cares about the system should thrive to inform 
> ourself. I think that what I'm trying to say is that a great part of 
> the problem with getting more, and more accurate, reports of problems 
> reside in how we communicate with each other.

Social media is not the right place to communicate every single change. 
We have seen in the past how this can create a lot of negative and even 
trollish feedback that only distracts the contributors.

I would think this problem would be solved by making sure to keep the 
team reports up to date and telling testers to keep a track on those, or 
alternatively, the meeting minutes. This is something we have worked on 
this cycle. If you have other ideas how to communicate changes that are 
landing in the development release to testers, please share them with us.

> As a matter of this, I wonder if it possible to ask a change in the 
> default homepage of our default web browser to point to a page asking 
> people to report their experience? that page should change in the 
> final release.

We are doing this on the installer slideshow. Furthermore, we have 
discussed changing the browser frontpage before but it implies technical 
(and potentially other) issues we didn't want to face then.

> -- 
> Bruno.-


P.S. If you want to discuss communicating about changes and development 
progress to community at large, ways to encourage people to share their 
experiences about Xubuntu (in a non-testing related manner) or changing 
the browser frontpage further, please start another thread; don't 
*reply* to this mail, write a new mail.

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