It's time to get the documentation work started for 14.04!

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> Subject: It's time to get the documentation work started for 14.04!
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> Hello Xubuntu enthusiasts!
> We sorted out the documentation blueprint [1] with the Xubuntu
> documentation lead Jack today. We need your help with some tasks:
> 2) End-user documentation
> We need to write some documentation for new features. The two new key
> features include are Mugshot and MenuLibre. Since these applications are
> still very fresh, they don't have upstream documentation yet; let's help
> Sean, a Xubuntu member and the main developer for both applications to
> get that sorted. When that's done, we can cherry-pick the best parts
> downstream.

I'll start to work on the Mugshot documentation, and as previously
discussed with Pasi and Sean I'll be using dokuwiki for it, which will
provide an online documentation to the Mugshot project, similar to what
exists for the Xfce applications.

If anyone is willing to help, please ping me in the #xubuntu-devel channel,
or alternatively just answer here in the mailing list.

David Pires
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