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Tue Jan 14 13:32:10 UTC 2014

As promised in the last call for package testing, we'll move along to a 
different set of apps. We would now like to concentrate on *Xubuntu 

Prior to this call the testcases were given a check. They should be 
good, but if you notice anything wrong - the option to report is now 
there on the testcase detail page, please ensure the testcase ID gets 
reported .

There are a couple of issues you'll need to be aware of.

Gnomemusicbrowser is affected by a bug in which tracks are not refreshed 
immediately after adding [1] , the track listing can be populated during 
the test by typing in the search field - top right.

Mugshot - this requires installing via PPA - if you are not able to, or 
do not wish to test this until we get a proper release of the app you 
can ignore.

If you are willing to test this

|sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mugshot-dev/daily
||sudo apt-get update|
|sudo apt-get install mugshot

Thanks for helping to make Trusty as tested as we can make it.



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Xubuntu QA Lead

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