It's time to get the documentation work started for 14.04!

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon Jan 13 21:24:15 UTC 2014

Hello Xubuntu enthusiasts!

We sorted out the documentation blueprint [1] with the Xubuntu
documentation lead Jack today. We need your help with some tasks:

1) Website updates
If you are good in writing marketing-style text, we would love if you
could help us with the Tour [2] page to highlight the most awesome
features of Xubuntu spiced up with some glorious screenshots.

If you prefer technical writing, we could use your hand on getting the
About [3] page updated. While we do think it's important to discuss the
Ubuntu Philosophy, we would like to extend it to cover more basic
subjects as well, to be suitable for those who know nothing of Linux as

2) End-user documentation
We need to write some documentation for new features. The two new key
features include are Mugshot and MenuLibre. Since these applications are
still very fresh, they don't have upstream documentation yet; let's help
Sean, a Xubuntu member and the main developer for both applications to
get that sorted. When that's done, we can cherry-pick the best parts

We also need to update some of the documentation to accommodate new
software versions for applications in Xubuntu, as well as changes in
defaults we will carry out for 14.04. These changes include xfdesktop,
(GTK3) panel indicators and a new panel layout.

3) Developer documentation
We have planned to write some documentation that helps new contributors
and developers to polish their skills on technical issues. We aren't
very far with the planning, and that's why we need you lurkers, who
don't contribute yet, to help us!

Tell us what kind of developer documentation would lower the thresold to
contribute: would you prefer guides on how to use Bzr, instructions how
to write Docbook and follow the Xubuntu standards, introductions to
different developer tools and website, or something completely
different? You are the expert on the subject, so please share your
knowledge! P.S. Current team members are eligible to take part in
contributing for this item as well!

If you are interested to help us with any of these tasks, follow up on
this thread or come say hello at #xubuntu-devel on the Freenode IRC
network, and we will help you to get started. We don't have all the
infrastrucure up yet, but we will set it up as we go.

Be brave and help your favorite distribution!



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