Wikipedia/Website/Youtube: Suggestions/Ideas

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Wed Jan 8 16:07:54 UTC 2014

Wikipedia/Website/Youtube: Suggestions/Ideas

Dear Xubuntu team, thank you for the amazing software and efforts.

I'm new to the list, so let me know if there is a sub-list for marketing,

The goals of these suggestions are to

1) inform someone new to the Ub-Ku-Xu-Lu-buntu/Mint decision process of the
advantages of Xubuntu
2) clearly define ranges of computer equipment for well running systems
3) make Xubuntu an appealing decision - build excitement with their
decision to try Xubuntu


1) Wikipedia

- 13.10 is very elegant - show most recent release first, and older
releases as one scrolls down into history
- add section about machine specifications in "table of contents" with
likely hardware for success
- add "community" section with links to forums community resources
- if possible, highlight current release features and benefits for users in
factual simple terms in top section

2) YouTube

- I see a YouTube channel, but it looks like it's auto-generated?
- Can you claim it and use it?
- Create videos for "OS tour", "how to install", "how to, etc.", pull in
other videos on YouTube you feel are good quality into channel queue

3) Website
- Product Tour
  - good section but more screenshots and large images show off the desktop
and window visuals
  - full size 1280+ graphics to simulate
  - enhance information about machine specs and user benefits
  - add "New to Xubuntu" section for first timers

- Jay T.
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