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If I might intrude, there is the PAE issue which will still make Xubuntu
unusable on older hardware no matter how light anyone makes it.

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On Jan 27, 2014 7:11 AM, "Pasi Lallinaho" <pasi at> wrote:

> Hey Robin,
> thanks for your interest and welcome! I've added comments inline.
> On 27/01/14 00:17, Robin wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > "Elfy" sent me here from Ubuntu Discourse when I expressed some
> > interest in helping with this awesome distro in some small way.
> >
> > I have no technical expertise to lend, in fact I'm a bit technophobic.
> That's fine! Putting out an operating system (and keep on doing it every
> 6 months) requires much more than just technical people.
> > Yet I have become a Xubuntu "fan" since Lucid (10.04), when Xubuntu
> > was "the lightweight Ubuntu for older computers."  I have a
> > 12-year-old Dell Dimension with an old Celeron processor (that
> > supports pae) and 512 of RAM.  It originally ran Windows XP.
> >
> > Other than "bragging about Xubuntu," I don't have much to contribute.
> > Like most users probably, there are a few things that I always change
> > right after an installation to speed things up on this old relic, like
> > turning off startup items I don't use and reducing swappiness, that
> > sort of thing.
> Ultimately, it always comes to deciding and shipping sane defaults; we
> can never please everybody. Whether you needed to tweak the system for
> performance or just wanted to change the appearance is a different thing.
> If you are interested in sharing your experiences on getting Xubuntu run
> smoother on lower end computers, we do accept guest writer posts for the
> blog on our website. Be in touch with me [1] or Elizabeth Krumbach [2]
> if this sounds like something you'd like to do.
> > I realize that Xubuntu is no longer "the lightweight Ubuntu for older
> > computers" (according to your Strategy Document) since Lubuntu has
> > come along, but I would plead with this team to bear a couple of
> > things in mind  at least for the 13.04 release:
> >
> > We're about to be joined by a lot of new users - right at the very
> > same time that Windows XP reaches EOL.  Many many MANY of those folks
> > will be looking at the Ubuntu family for a replacement, and the
> > majority of them may have "older" hardware.  Perhaps not as scrawny as
> > mine, but modest nonetheless.  While I realize that Xfce lends itself
> > to efficiency, I've found that more recent versions of Xubuntu are
> > slower and more resource intensive than 12.04 which I'm using now.
> The 14.04 release will be 2 years newer than 12.04 (and much newer than
> XP), but the computers stay the same. Newer operating systems will be
> slower, and will get slower as we go.
> > While I can add RAM easily enough, a lot of the folks who will be
> > joining us soon would rather just buy a new computer. So my plea is,
> > please - at least just for 14.04, keep Xubuntu "lean and mean" for all
> > the novice users who are sure to be joining us soon!
> While being lightweight isn't our primary focus any more, we aren't
> exactly dumping in loads of new stuff. To be exact, many new things the
> Xubuntu team has introduced in the last years have probably been making
> Xubuntu lighter by being able to remove some depends.
> The main performance burden comes from the Ubuntu core itself; a lot of
> that is something we barely can help. Even when we can, we have to try
> to balance between being as close to Ubuntu as possible (to avoid
> maintaining burden, and because we *are* an official Ubuntu flavor) and
> being true to our own ideals and strategy document (which many times
> leaves us with more maintaining burden or one-off tasks to be done).
> I do hope Xubuntu 14.04 will be a release that people who are coming
> from Windows XP, have a lower end machine and want to try out Linux can
> enjoy and use smoothly enough in daily use. For those who can't, I
> really don't think Lubuntu is a bad option, or that we're losing
> anything if people decide to use Lubuntu (or any other lightweight Linux
> OS) instead.
> > I have written about desktop Linux from a "casual" user's perspective
> > on my humble little weblog for about 2 years, and while I have strayed
> > to other distros, I always "run home" to Xubuntu when the others
> > (SalixOS, PCLinuxOS, Mint, even Bodhi) let me down. Lately I've
> > decided to stay put and become much more familar with just one, rather
> > than bounce around confusing myself.
> It's nice to hear you have found that Xubuntu is the best system for you
> and that you have decided to learn more about it.
> > Other than writing about it and once in a while answering a newbie
> > question on the forums and installing Xubuntu for a friend or two, I'm
> > not sure what else I have to offer, but I'd love to help in some way
> > if I can.
> As I said, releasing an operating system requires a variety of different
> skills; see the Get Involved [3] section for a listing of different
> areas where you can help, and get in touch with us if you need any
> further information (the documentation isn't complete, so you probably
> will).
> > Very cordially and respectfully,
> > Robin
> >
> > "Robin" - on Ubuntu Discourse
> > "robin7" - on Ubuntu Forums
> > "adoptedsidekick" - on
> >
> Our team is pretty active on IRC, so you can find many of us online at
> #xubuntu-devel on the Freenode IRC network. In addition to being able to
> get to know people, you can always learn much about the way we do things
> and communicate.
> Furthermore, we run meetings regularly on Thursdays at 19UTC on the same
> channel; if you sould join us, that would be great! Welcome again!
> Cheers,
> Pasi Lallinaho
> Xubuntu Project Lead
> [1] knome in IRC
> [2] pleia2 in IRC, lyz (a)
> [3]
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