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Sat Jan 11 18:15:26 UTC 2014

Hi Jay, thanks for your ideas! My responses inline.

On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 8:07 AM, Jay Torian <jaytorian at> wrote:
> Suggestions:
> 1) Wikipedia
> - 13.10 is very elegant - show most recent release first, and older releases
> as one scrolls down into history
> - add section about machine specifications in "table of contents" with
> likely hardware for success
> - add "community" section with links to forums community resources
> - if possible, highlight current release features and benefits for users in
> factual simple terms in top section

To avoid conflict of interest[0], team members have typically steered
clear of editing the Wikipedia page about Xubuntu, in spite of some
factual errors. I would encourage users like yourself to take on this
task if you feel the need, but I do ask that you keep in mind that
it's not an advertising site for us and we want to keep the integrity
of the wikipedia process intact :)

> 2) YouTube
> - I see a YouTube channel, but it looks like it's auto-generated?
>   -
> - Can you claim it and use it?
> - Create videos for "OS tour", "how to install", "how to, etc.", pull in
> other videos on YouTube you feel are good quality into channel queue

This is an auto-generated list from YouTube, details on "Topic" pages here:

So it's not really something anyone can control.

If we had volunteers to produce these videos it would be great, but
unfortunately we haven't had much luck in recruiting folks to do this.
I encourage anyone to follow-up with this if they think it's something
they can work on.

> 3) Website
> - Product Tour
>   - good section but more screenshots and large images show off the desktop
> and window visuals
>   - full size 1280+ graphics to simulate
>   - enhance information about machine specs and user benefits
>   - add "New to Xubuntu" section for first timers

We're actually in the process of updating this rather stale, boring
page. Thanks for the feedback!


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