In-flight: XP to 7

Anthony Papillion anthony at
Sat Feb 15 21:37:35 UTC 2014

On 02/15/2014 10:34 AM, Michael Fischer wrote:
> I had no success to find any hard market numbers on the XP->Xubuntu
> migration on non-PAE platforms so far. It seems clear, however, that the
> Xubuntu image resulting from the 12.04.4 cheat is most likely: A Very
> Good Computing Enviroment for Written-off Hardware. There is a market
> for that. An interesting one? I doubt.

I don't have market numbers either, but I can say that, from personal
experience, users *are* open to moving away from Windows XP to Xubuntu.
Part of my job is advising and helping users navigate the tricky upgrade
landscape. Most of my clients are Windows user (XP, 7 dominate). My
business clients that are currently use XP are almost universally moving
to 7 instead of 8. My home clients are seriously giving Xubuntu and
mainline Ubuntu a look. I've converted about 3% of my business clients
from Windows to *buntu and about 7% of my home clients. I don't know if
that's in line with the general trend but it speaks good for the
*buntu's, I believe.


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